Welcome to the World of Netsuke

This website was created by a netsuke and inro enthusiast for anyone - beginner or experienced -- interested in the fascinating world of netsuke. Here you will find information and online resources, photographs taken by netsuke and inro collectors, links to photographs of museum collections and exhibitions of netsuke, inro, ojime and sagemono, a bibliography, and more.
We've also gathered a selection of netsuke, inro, sagemono,and related items that are available for sale online through eBay and through reputable eBay stores. This will save you a lot of time -- instead of searching through the many categories sellers use to list their netsuke and inro on eBay, you can see the best of what's available here at the World of Netsuke.
The Shop categories to your left correspond roughly, but not exactly, with eBay's categories. And since sellers sometimes don't use the appropriate categories for their listings, you just might find unexpected treasures and deals here, deals you might not find searching yourself, so be prepared to look at the different categories.
Individual, highly-rated eBay sellers are listed under the Shop categories as well. We have tried to find the most reputable eBay sellers and store owners to save you the effort of searching through store listings from low-feedback sellers. Of course, you should always check the feedback and reputation of any eBay seller you do business with. Most are great, but you want to be sure.
Please check back often to see newly added information and netsuke and inro for sale.



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